Below are just a few samples of my past works ranging from animations to web design and development.

Speed Paintings

Here I will be including sped up footage showing the drawing process for a few commercial and selective pieces. The programs I do use is SAI Tools for the line work and Photoshop for the colour painting with a series of clipping mask layers.

I have been drawing since I was a little girl and can see recent samples on my Art page or Newgrounds or more of my past sketches on my DeviantArt page.

Amy Pond Speed Painting Video Crazed Mage Speed Painting Video

Flash Animations

Here are but a few short animations that I created on Abode Flash, will admit that When I started as an animator I would aviod 2D animations but over the years it is now something I would strongly reccommend to others to help explore and understand how to recreate movement.

Enter the Fluff Fluff Brilliance Peanut Dance 1 Peanut Dance 2


Before 2D Animation I would create stop-motion and 3D animations on of which included in this video gallery section was one I created as a final University project.

Later on I started developing my editing skills using Abode After Effects and Premiere and experimented with some effects that I have used to create some nice intro videos including one that I now use at the start of my tutorial videos.

Dizzyvix Video Intro GamerFM Promo Video Bow Wow Animation

Website Design

Ever since my final year at University I have always been curious about making websites and wanted to create a nice online place to show off my work, but this was something that I had to learn myself which was very diffcult considering that coding was never my greatest strength but I have developed my skills in using HTML and CSS and now able to create responsive sites for almost any device.

Rhydolion site design Hodag site design Cosplay Cruise 2011 site design Cosplay Cruise 2010 site design